BREAKING: Mac Miller’s ‘Blue Slide Park’ Album LEAKED

Mac Miller's debut album, 'Blue Slide Park, drops next Tuesday on November 8th. The first week sales projections are already in for the project however. 

HitsDoubleDaily, the same source that brought us Wale's 'Ambition' first week sales projections yesteray is weighing in on Mac Miller's debut based on his pre-sales. The album, which has already sold over 25,000 pre sale units, is on course to sell right around 100,000 units first week. 

Remember, Mac Miller is not signed to a major record label. To put this into perspective, the last significant "independent" new school rapper to release an album was Tyler, The Creator. His 'Goblin' effort moved just about 50,000 units first week. 

UPDATE: Mac Miller's 'Blue Slide Park' album has officially leaked in entirety. You won't find a download link to that posted here, but do you think this leak will effect the above sales projection? 

Written By: DV
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  • Anthony

    If that shit album ambition sells 100k more copies then blue slide park i’m gunna cry myself to sleep

  • Josh Connelly

    how do they calculate this

    • Anonymous

      Using years of statistics and other variables.

  • J_ester097

    someone attach a DL link pleaseeee

  • Fe

    get it on pirate bay

  • SimbaDON

    Anthony if u think mac is better than wale then u got some straight shit taste in rap

  • Asldkfj

    @simbadon If your comparing wale and mac miller your a moron.

  • LD

    r yall serious right really? wales WAY better as an artist. are u kidding? no contest

  • Todd Levy

    and you guys realize Wale vs. Mac Miller is an opinion right? This is art. And i say that as someone who thinks Mac Millers a fad for only annoying white people, and thinks wale is great

  • Anthony

    I might cop this album just b/c the independent movement is legit. I’ve had a listen through, and idk I feel mac is a little different. That’s just my opinion

  • Big Daddy

    Album leaks don’t change anything, like Cole said, “The people who download the leak were gonna download the album anyway, and the people who were gonna buy it are still going to.”

  • Bhvuvhuh

    good on u guys for not putting a DL link

  • Mitchell Cochran
  • young scratch

    fuck mac miller hes a fuckin square

  • Koolaidoyeeeah

    im disappointed..been listening to mac since the jukebox..BSP was a let down, its awful

  • mike

    the leaked version won’t hurt sales that bad. I bought 2 copies and countless others have done the same.