A few months ago Velvetears dropped an impressive new song called "When We Were Younger." Today the recent Los Angeles transplant released a 4 song EP that the single appears on called 'Forlorn.'The project features production from Lederrick, Holt Stairs, Wtchcrft, A0rta, and Taylor Morgan.You can stream 'Forlorn' below.
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mixtapes | March 19, 2018
Stream Velvetears’ New EP ‘Forlorn’

A few months ago Velvetears dropped an impressive new song called “When We Were Younger.” Today the recent Los Angeles Read more ›

mixtapes | March 9, 2018
Stream Chetta’s New EP ‘Moment Of Silence II’

Besides Scrim, aka Bud Dywer, there’s not a producer that Chetta works better with than Genshin. Today the two artists Read more ›

mixtapes | March 2, 2018
Stream Nessly’s New Project ‘Wildflower’

It’s been two years since Nessly released a mixtape. In that timeframe Nessly has not only been refining his craft, Read more ›

mixtapes | February 28, 2018
Stream Ghostemane & Getter’s New EP ‘Dahlia I’

As promised Ghostemane and Getter release their collaborative EP ‘Dahlia I’ today. The new project from the rapper and producer Read more ›

mixtapes | February 24, 2018
Stream Fantasy Camp’s New Mixtape ‘One For Sorrow’

Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania is mainly known for their hardcore scene with bands like Title Fight and Cold World coming from the Read more ›

mixtapes | February 21, 2018
Stream Fats’e New EP ‘Finds Purpose In Misery’

  Fats’e’s “Ok I Forgive U” is easily one of my favorite songs of the year, so far. The Texas Read more ›

mixtapes | February 14, 2018
Stream Lil Gnar & Germ’s ‘Big Bad Gnar Shit’ EP

After dropping a few singles, today Lil Gnar and Germ release their collaborative EP ‘Gnar Shit.’  The new project is Read more ›