Earlier this year the OG New York skate company, Zoo York, dismantled their team by dropping all skaters who weren't under contract. After terrible press ensued, the company quickly released a new Chaz Ortiz part. With the team slightly rebuilt another short internet part has been released. Filmed from March 2012 to December 2012, True East features: Chaz Ortiz, Dave Willis, Kevin Tierney, Kevin Taylor, Forrest Kirby, Aaron Suski, Ian Twa, Ron Deily, Travis Glover and Brandon Westgate.
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mixtapes | December 13, 2018
Stream Shattered’s New Project ‘Catalyst’

At only 15 years old Florida’s Shattered is making waves in the ‘underground emo-rap’ scene, or whatever the fuck you Read more ›

mixtapes | December 13, 2018
Stream emotionull’s New EP ‘Desert Dwellers’

A few moments ago I asked anyone following Masked Gorilla on Twitter to send their Soundcloud links, regardless of plays Read more ›

Track | December 13, 2018
Listen To Chilly Sosa’s New Song “Crystal Clear”

Healthy Boyz’ very own Chilly Sosa comes through with the banger “Crystal Clear.” Chilly comes through with some hard raps Read more ›

Video | December 13, 2018
Watch Fish Narc’s Internet Hippy Interview

From Tumblr, to Twitter, Internet Hippy is an underground rap internet OG. Currently stationed in New York City, the man Read more ›

Music Videos | December 13, 2018
Watch Rue Maneli’s “Havin'” Music Video

Rue Maneli is low-key one of the most slept on Los Angeles rappers out right now. You might know Rue Read more ›

mixtapes | December 13, 2018
Stream OmenXIII’s New Album ‘HACKER’

Fresh off a China tour, OmenXIII decided to end 2018 with a bang. The California rapper released ‘Hacker’ on Soundcloud Read more ›

Music Videos | December 11, 2018
Watch Oliver Francis’ “Kamaboko” Music Video

The first day back in Missouri from his nationwide tour, Oliver Francis get reacquainted with the “~” key on his keyboard and Read more ›