Childish Gambino Pens Note About Leaving ‘Community,’ Sophomore Album


A few hours ago Childish Gambino published 7 consecutive Instagram photos, with each photo serving as one part of a note written on hotel stationery. The note penned by Gambino touches on why he left the TV show Community, his upcoming sophomore album, and just his feelings in general. You can read the letter below. 






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You can listen to Gambino's most recently released song right here.

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  • Will

    Kind of went all Drake on us here

    • Josh

      Not a bad thing necessarily

  • Quip

    I really hope these turn into lyrics.

  • Billy’s Kingdom

    What does he mean by “bro rape”?

  • Hai

    Mad respect for you, Donald. Live it up

  • PamelaHaley

    Go out on your own. Fight for what you want. Don’t be afraid. Don’t consider the fear. The fear will eat you if you let it but, it’s all inside your head. You must let go. Let it burn up and the ashes fly to freedom. Be your own man.

  • Bob Bob Bob

    Hey man, you gotta do your own thing. If a step is hard or makes you uncomfortable, it probably just means you’re letting yourself grow. Unless that step is murdering a donkey or something.

  • Coremech

    I just want to say that I hope Donald finds what he is looking for, what is most important in life. And the responses here to him have been real mature and respectful, one love.

  • Chris Pine

    His writing on 30 Rock was great, but this is funnier! You see kids, that’s what a lot of cocaine does to you when you go on the road.

  • Joel Famularo

    Dude is obviously struggling with life and it’s so brave to be so honest. He will see who his real friends are now and will come out stronger as a result! I always loved this guy’s comedy since ‘Derrick Comedy’ but now I have so much more respect for him after this. Hope he’s ok and hope he continues asking those questions and can find his answers.

  • gabe

    I wonder what he jerks off to? Maybe a sexy bowl of fruit?

  • gabe

    sorry that was dumb. I hope he takes the right steps to feel good again and live life comfortably. GOOD LUCK MAN!

  • thib

    picc urself up my nigg its all gd uv got it all!!

  • Yer, I’m that guy

    StationAry – standing still
    StationEry – pens and paper, the E is for Envelopes