Chris Webby – Underclassman (Mixtape)

After leaking Chris Webby’s “Raising The Bar“, interviewing Webby, and documenting his “ Epic 5 Minute Freestyle“, it’s time to finally release Webby’s The Underclassman mixtape. I’ve been listening to the tape for the last few hours and without a doubt it’s his best mixtape yet. No, there’s not a designated Sam Adams diss track on The Underclassman but there are slight shots throughout the whole tape.

Also, I said this before but let me say it again. I work with a ton of artists on a daily basis. However, it’s such a different feel when you are working with an artist you are actually a fan of. It’s safe it to say Chris Webby is my favorite rapper right now. So it was a honor to present this mixtape along with the two other sites. This is actually the first time our new logo is being professionally used, check it out on the back cover! (TMG shirts are coming with the new logo but I’ll save that for another post.)
I’m going to give it a few more spins over the next few days and come back on Mixtape Monday with a full review. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section bellow in the meantime tough.

Tracklist and download link bellow.

DOWNLOAD: Chris Webby – Underclassman (Mixtape)

Written By: DV
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  • keepsreal

    the best songs from this mixtape already leaked. everything else was just underwhelming. and no Sam Adams diss even after he told everyone on facebook he was gonna "shut down a minor brewery". i mean its a great tape but just not amazing. lets see what Sams next tape has to offer. thanks for the post though, good shit DV.

  • Anonymous

    dont bother comparing webby to sam adams cause adams is hip POP and webby is hip HOP. so fucking much better and actually creative. fuck adams. webby all day.

  • Anonymous

    i personally think the tape is hot, was worth the wait all day and for the past 2 weeks. webby does not dissapoint. thumbs up to maskedgorilla and websterr

  • Geoff

    I'm still not done with the entire mixtape. But it's amazing. Best tape yet. When I was two songs in I knew I was gonna love this and I was not let down. 203 for life.

  • Bobby

    i'm about half way through it and im very impressed. hes got mad nice wordplay..only thing is i havent heard great beats yet except the raising the bar an i need a dolla which i already heard. this kids needs to be signed so he can get on some great beats and be featured by a great artist..he going to the top. congrats on another great mixtape webby! its a great one

  • Anonymous

    after listening to this mixtape all i got to say is Sam who?

  • Anonymous

    Just finsished the whole mixtape beside the songs that allready leaked. Webby fuckin killed it plain and simple. What good am i is my favorite song

  • Anonymous

    Never said that his diss track was gonna be on this tape, he kept it classy unlike sammy…just putting that out BUT

    every track is fire, metaphors are hot, flow is sick, overall he goes hard on every track, his new sober sound is alot better than his high stuff, much improved, cleaner, pronounced and official. i give it a good 8.5 out of 10

  • Anonymous

    Such a good mixtape! I'm going to be blasting this the rest of the summer, and probably years to come. Webby KILLED it.

  • Anonymous

    10 out of 10

    this shit is fire, take em to the top webby

    ….fuck sam adams

  • Anonymous

    SAM ADAMS SUCKS DICK. Webby is a beast. Those are two facts, no comparison can ever be made, as you see, I did not compare!

    webbys mixtape is ill as fuck

  • Anonymous

    mixtape wasn't as good as i thought it would be, but still ILL AS FUCK.

  • Anonymous

    I love webby. Been followin him since the white noise. There was a lil to much hype for this. Some of his songs he doesn't have an intro for. Which kind of pisses me off cause he goes straight into a verse before I even know whats going on. However songs like I'm Fresh make the tape for me.

  • Killa Kail

    WoW 3 Name/Urls
    and like 10 ANONYMOUS.HaHa
    but. yea the mixtape is fairly good
    and consistenly Dope with every song.
    Not saying the Best but it works
    for what i've been listening to Lately/Daily.
    "Dope-word Writer, On Point like the Bullet on a Sniper" -Finally Movin

  • JMcPain

    I like what Webby is doin. Why even bother with Sam Adams though? Egging them on to diss eachother??? I think yes. And Webby will be victorious.

  • Chris

    I think he made a mistake releasing Raising the Bar so early. It really set the standard for the mixtape so high. It's definitely an incredible mixtape, and per usual he kills every track. In my opinion I think it may take a fews days to truly appreciate it seeing as you don't catch all his subtleties and clever lyrics. To me Certified and What Good Am I are the best tracks we hadn't heard. But i still find myself going back to Raising the Bar and the Epic Freestyle because they're just so good.

    All in all 9/10, but I'm sure in a week I'll be convinced it's a 10/10

  • Chris

    "So dirty i'll leave your region in fear
    It's Chris Webby, not that other seasonal beer
    That was a joke Sam Adams, relax
    But i'm keystone ice, the ultimate 30 rack." – I'm Fresh

    haaaaaaaa! Webby kills it. Webby's 4 lines > Sam Adam's whole diss track.

    Thats how you make someone look like a fool

  • marcus

    hmmmm i'll give it a listen….

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    webby kills everything he gets on

  • Blastnoise

    this mixtape is alright, but im tired of reading about sam adams/ chris webby diss shit. everyother day people are posting adams sucks dick or webby is weak. Who gives a shit. People have their taste. Not everyone likes the same shit. Personally i was more exicited about pliot talk than whos better adams or webby.

  • Anonymous

    best mixtape of 2010 period

  • Anonymous

    the mixtape cover says "the underclassmEn" but everyones talking about "the underclassmAn"… which one is it?

  • Anonymous

    webbby is taking over the rap game

  • Anonymous

    anywhere i go you know i got some pot, green with orange hair like roger klots! love those doug funnie references

  • fatblunts

    mixtape was dope overall there were some songs that i wasnt really feelin but its all good favorite track is easily my cloud though

  • Anonymous