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With winter finally over and spring upon us, what better time to hit you with an update post than now to keep everyone in the loop. It this post we'll be talking about: internships, stickers, Tumblr and how to properly contact us. Check it out all below.


With the end of this Spring semester nearing and Summer vacation on deck, it's that time again to find some interns for The Masked Gorilla. We are mainly looking for dedicated writers, with past blog experience, to help update the site and do other cool stuff off the internet. However, if you are a graphic designer or do just about anything else you think we would be interested in, we're looking for you too. So if you're interested in taking a step into the madness and joining the team, send a blank email to "" and we'll get back to you shortly. 


We just printed up hundreds of new promotional stickers! These will not be sold to the public however, as all we are asking for is you to cover the cost of shipping so we can send you a stack. For more information on these stickers and how to get them, email: "". 

Contact Emails

We get hundreds of emails a day, with mostly all of them being useless. Are you an artist looking to have your music posted on The Masked Gorilla? Throw away our email, you can literally post your own music in The Jungle. We don't even glance upon submission emails, let alone open them. They are instantly trashed, so please remove whatever email you have for us from your mailing list. However, if you are an artist who has already been posted on the main blog page you can email "" with your music. Once again, if you have never been posted to the site please do not send your music to that email address as it will be marked as spam and never opened. So what about general viewers who aren't trying to spam our inbox with mass-emails, but instead want to genuinely get in contact with us for non-music submission purposes? You can also email "" with any questions, feedback or concerns and we will gladly reply. Last but not least, if for some reason you have my personal email, please do not try to contact me there to have your music posted. That's a no-brainer.  


Before we even get into this, let me first say that Tumblr is absolutely the worst social network ever invented. Why? We'll let Drake explain. However, we finally got TheMaskedGorilla Tumblr domain from some kid who has been using it for the past year. So we're about to start Tumbling all over that ass, but not like how it's usually used. See the thing is we've addressed the above three points on our Facebook page, Twitter page and even our Instagram page before this post. So we're going to use Tumblr as a central hub to share all those things that are normally shared on a daily basis across those other social networking platforms. So make sure to follow us there, we may even start hitting you with The Masked Gorilla link posts on there too. 

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  • rga

    got myself some stickers

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    are the internships only for college students?

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    that’s a real sexy hoodie though..