Joey Bada$$ Deletes Twitter Due To Lil B’s “Task Force”

(Photos from left: Derrick Reed/Picture Group,  Isaac Brekken/Getty Images)

Well, it looks like Lil B ended up having the last laugh after all. Today The Based God's dedicated fanbase, also known as the "Task Force," flooded Joey Bada$$' Twitter page upon every tweet he made. Whether it was a negative remark, or a link to Lil B's music, Joey eventually got so fed up with the overwhelming response that he deleted his account all together. Below are his final tweets: 

"I just wanna snuff somebody and delete my twitter." "Yall taskforce niggas is pussy. Gay ass computer nerds". "Come to my face with that taskforce shit ill punch u in ya throat".

Although his Twitter account has been deleted, you can still see a record of those final tweets on his Facebook page. Joey's Twitter page is far too important of a promotional tool to stay deleted for long, but this development is an interesting twist in modern day rap beefs.

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  • PE

    Fuck Lil B and all his dick riders


      quit dick ridin joey hoe ass nigga

  • the Truth

    As they say, birds of a feather flock together. Only right that Lil B’s fans should be as stupid and juvenile as Lil B himself. There is a massive population of complete idiots in the world, and a good portion of them belong to his fan base

    • shutupniggaimthetruth

      Mad cause he fucked yo bitch?

      • Ronnie Vaughan

        no he fucked your mom

  • Fuck your bitch daily

    Task Force wins again, don’t be upset. This is what Joey gets for starting shit with the Based God himself.

    • swag splashin

      it was funny in 2010 when TBG was legitimately trolling the hip hop world. Now he’ll do anything for the spotlight, case in point starting beef with Joey Bada$$ for absolutely no reason, especially in light of his own calls for peace and politeness. Lil B is played out, and people are losing interest fast. He had his 15 minutes of fame, time to move on

      • mike linder

        bitch lil b is still on top of the rap world now he pavved the way for these slaw rappers like joey badass every one now copys the basedgod’s swag even you you MAMED SON OF A BITCH

  • Alex

    Joey is an insane talent! Lil B on the other hand. He does jack shit for the rap game. I just don’t get it. He’s like that foreign kid that always said dumb things that made people laugh, but eventually it just wasn’t funny anymore. How is he still relevant? I’m convinced he could somehow be the child of Katt Stacks and Tyler the Creator (minus Tyler’s musical ability)

    • johnnybravo

      Tyler’s not that great musically either.. and Lil B is not like a foreign kid, he’s like an illiterate hoodlum from Oakland.. o wait..

      • rb

        H, i see what you did their!

  • Josh Mishima


  • average joe

    I’m a fan of Lil B and Joey, But I felt like Joey went harder on his diss track then Lil B. Both have very different styles, Joey is way more lyrically talented, but Lil B is constantly dropping new songs and mixtapes. I personally feel that what Lil B’s ” Task Force” did was a bit too much. But the just goes to show what kind of following he has created.

  • President Lincoln

    haha they should just rap battle each other and get it over with already…..

  • quitmydayjob

    What a hoe, deletin his twitter

  • Timmy Wankers

    joey heads up… yo bitch next #taskforce

  • Ronnie Vaughan

    task force is a mob full of bitches. youre all mad joey dissed your god. suck it up

    • mike linder


  • mike linder

    nigga fuck you if you diss the basedgod taskforce will find you and delete you