Kanye West Interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live (Video)

Weeks ago Jimmy Kimmel and Kanye West went back and forth with each other on Twitter, after Kimmel parodied a recent West interview. Tonight the two put their differences aside, as Jimmy cleared out the whole show to have Kanye explain where he's coming from.

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  • goldie

    kimmel is a clown.

    • minime13

      Kimmel is not a clown. Kimmel did his job, made a joke, and then Kanye got upset about it. They talked, it didn’t go well in the first round, and then Kimmel decided to devote an entire show to let Kanye come on the air and explain himself because, honestly, about half of his actions are taken in a way that he apparently doesn’t mean.

      You want to call Kimmel a clown because he wanted to give Kanye the mic so he can clear the air? He could have just ignored it and it would have been dead last week, just like any time Kanye gets bent out of shape about something. What Kimmel did was a measure of respect.

      • jbowiecampbell

        kimmel’s a clown

  • yeahokayman

    kanye is a clown