Kid Cudi Goes on Twitter Rant, Threatens His Record Label

Regardless of how large an artist is, it seems as if these days the majority of them have issues with their record labels. While the tension usually stems from projects being pushed back, Kid Cudi is angry for a similar, but different, reason. 

The Cleveland rapper just went on a brief Twitter rant a few moments ago, questioning why his latest singles are not receiving radio play. He brings on Trinidad Jame$ as an example, before threatening his record label.

Cudi went on a very similar Twitter rant this past May, where he threatened to hold his Man on The Moon III album until 2014.

Written By: DV
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  • Darrian Fosque-el

    cudders think of us fans homie..

  • Donovan Bronson

    See thats just the thing, regardless of a record label he’s gonna keep the music coming for his fans. He’s very good to his fans and thats rare with a lot of musical acts now a days. Cudder would never just leave his fans hanging, he’s far too passionate about what he does and the people who support it

  • thm2130

    his shit gets no spins because his bum hipster ass has been trash ever since he stopeed the ganja

    • Flex

      You clearly didn’t listen to Just What I Am.

    • Ata Tito

      yeah clearly…. dumbass

    • n griffin


  • kanye west

    Haha what a cry baby

    • fuck you

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  • henry chinaski

    r this shots against good music or what?

    • guest

      no he left before this