Lil B Releases Joey Bada$$ Diss Track, Joey Threatens to Ether Lil B

Lil B Joey Badass

Just like any other highschool kid, 18 year old Joey Bada$$ tweets… a lot. Yesterday the Brooklyn rapper randomly decided to tweet at Lil B, dissing the former XXL Freshman. 

Well today, just minutes ago, Lil B himself responded not with a tweet, but with an official diss track called "I'm The Bada$$."

Joey quickly responded to the two minute song with another tweet.

UPDATE: Joey Bada$$ has responded with a diss track of his own. Click here to listen to "Don't Quit Your Day Job."

Written By: DV
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  • Vincent Williams

    ya fell me..yea thats that bay talk,,,ya feel me’…. bay area /oakland!!! in this bioootcccchh. masked gorilla….

  • thank you

    can i just say thank you ba$edgod!!!

  • President Lincoln

    Joey Bada$$ is just a better rapper overall

  • smh

    this is why lil b is the master troll, this can only be good for lil b

  • eyeforaneye

    This boy got some nerve treyeing to pick on someone 10 times his weight. Eye think u should lay low lil b.

  • Jay Voyer$

    Joey Bad killed lil b on his diss track. lil b shouldn’t even be in the rapp game he needs to quiet and find something else to do.

  • essence

    Lil b can’t rap in my view and hearing but he makes great bass and beats but Joey Banda$$ will definitely murder him

  • getagrip

    its like 2pac vs lil wayne… nuthin to say