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Besides posting new music around the clock, here at TMG we have a whole section of the site dedicated to new artists. Each week The Jungle is filled with about 50 new artist submissions, the posts being composed and submitted by each respective artist.

Every Thursday night we delete all the posts in The Jungle, with exception to the highest rated post which we feature as that week's official "NEW ARTIST". With the various holidays to close out the year, we fell behind a week. So this week we're keeping the current Jungle open, while featuring the post that should have went up last week. Get it? Good. Check out this (last) week's "NEW ARTIST" below. 

It was another close call last week in The Jungle with about three posts neck-and-neck. However Josh Bonney received the highest rating and majority of the votes, making the loudest Rumble In The Jungle. Josh Bonney's "In Tha Building" is the lead single from his debut mixtape: 'This And That'. Bonney is a young emerging rapper hailing from Houston, Texas.

Keep Up With Josh Bonney: Facebook | Website  

I can't stress to you how easy it is to be featured as the NEW ARTIST of the week. Just posting your music in The Jungle is not enough! You must share the link with your friends and fans, and encourage them to do the same, in order to make a rumble. Don't like the music that was featured tonight, don't blame us, blame yourself. The winner of The Jungle is based solely on the artist and viewers. That being said, you control who will be here next Thursday. So get to posting/ sharing, and get to rating and commenting.

Written By: DV
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