SWAG ME OUT: Machine Gun Kelly x Young & Reckless x The Masked Gorilla Giveaway

The Masked Gorilla has some of the best fans on the internet. To thank all of you for repping so hard, we teamed up with Machine Gun Kelly and Young and Reckless to swag one lucky viewer out. We're giving away one: Young and Reckless T-Shirt, Laptop Sticker, Bracelet, and a hard copy of Machine Gun Kelly's 'Lace Up' mixtape. Click read more to find out how you can get swagged out. 

How To Enter: 

1. Sign Up/ Sign in to The Masked Gorilla & leave a comment on this post.

2. Follow @MaskedGorilla on Twitter & Like The Masked Gorilla on Facebook

3. Twitter to enter: CLICK HERE  or Facebook to enter: Update your status on Facebook with this: "The Masked Gorilla, Machine Gun Kelly, and Young & Reckless Are Giving Away a FREE T shirt, CD, Sticker, and Bracelet. Click this link to enter! www.TheMaskedGorilla.com"

Winners will be randomly chosen and messaged on Wednesday night. 


Each Twitter/ Facebook status update you make, will be your "entry" into this  merch giveaway. The more times you update your Twitter/ Facebook status until Monday, the more chances you have of winning a prize package. For Facebook, remember to tag The Masked Gorilla in the status, and to click on the little lock next to the share button, and change options to "Everyone". If you don't do that, you entry will not be seen. There is no limit on the amount of times you can enter! Two winners will be randomly chosen from each Facebook, and Twitter. So if you enter on both, you double your chances of winning. Entries will be counted until 08/15/11 11:59 PM est. Winners will be emailed Tuesday. 

Written By: DV
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  • jakeblume

    swag me out tmg!

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    Benjamin Browne

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    Well i don’t have much gear with this caliber of swag so helping me out would be fantastic.

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    Gorilla Gang or Die

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    Except if you got this swagbag..

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    yeah thats wats up my name on facebook is pual rudd but my name on twitter is the masked gorilla

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