The Masked Gorilla’s 2014 Freshman Class

Written By: DV
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  • The Truth

    Yung Thug declines being a TMG freshman and is replaced by Martin $ky

    • themaskedgorilla

      Best comment.

  • Ant

    This list is trash, King Los and Iamsu are better than every rapper on this list and the proof is in their projects. I would really like to know why they aren’t on here?!?!

    • ant

      I still want an explanation

      • themaskedgorilla

        Because this list is not constructed of who you personally think is “better”. When we put up a list of “Ant’s 10 Favorite Mixtapes” we’ll be sure to include King Los and Iamsu.

  • greg


  • enya

    Fredo?! Why not lil herb?

  • Thefucksgoingon

    It says the picks were chosen by the potential for mainstream success, but I dont see how guys like Bones or Deniro Ferrar have a better chance getting played on Hot 97 over artists like Lil Herb or Kevin Gates. Maybe change the description of the list to focus more on the artistic side of the music?

    • themaskedgorilla

      “An accurate gauge of widespread success in the new music industry is touring. Is an artist popular enough to embark on their own tour, to sell 500 tickets not just in their hometown, but across the country? With that question in mind, we selected 10 artists who we believe will have the greatest potential of achieving this level of mainstream success in the next year. “

    • anon

      deniro just aired on hot 97 now though…

      • themaskedgorilla

        Crazy. So sick.

  • A00

    Dope list… better than XXL Salute! Spark Master Tape for 2015 #SWOUP!

  • Austin

    Are you guys serious with Young Thug & Young Lean? smh.. this site is declining

    • themaskedgorilla


  • sean

    young thug and yung lean arent great rappers but they make fun enjoyable music

  • Shitty lost

    Los better than the whole list combined . 350k datpiff downloads on Zero Gravity 2. You guys done fucked up

    • themaskedgorilla

      You’re right… the list is “shitty” and we “fucked up” because we didn’t include your favorite rapper. Datpiff numbers aren’t real and Los has no buzz.

      • Shitty ass list

        Lol no buzz? Half this list is no name scrubs w no buzz. What do you even consider buzz? He has 230k twitter followers, mixtapes all blowing up, Kendrick saying he had best control freestyle, and touring w kid ink. How bout you listen to his mixtape you apparently haven’t heard it. He raps circles around these scrubs. This site has gone so downhill and is shit now.

        • themaskedgorilla

          Agreed. This list is “shitty” and the entire website has “gone so downhill and is shit now” because your favorite rapper was exclude from a list.

  • Guest

    How do you not put Chance the Rapper? Am I missing something? Did he not have the highest rated mixtape of the year?

    • chance

      Because we had Chance on our list last year.