Tyler, The Creator Says EarlWolf Album Is Not Happening

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Odd Future rapper Tyler, The Creator has kept a great dialogue going with his fans over the years by way of Formspring. Today, a fan asked Tyler if a collaborative album between himself and Earl Sweatshirt would ever come to fruition.


Unfortunately, Tyler responded with a confident no, stating expectations for the album are unrealistically high and he is simply not interested in creating the type of music people would expect from an EarlWolf album.

Written By: Sarah
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  • Toby_Johnson53

    I can respect what he’s saying. At this point, expectations for the album would be stupid.

  • http://twitter.com/liLBTHEBASEDGOD taskforcedavy


  • bad idea, if you’re not gonna do it soon don’t do it at all. by then it’ll be seen as Recovery.