UNMASKED: Mac Miller (The Masked Gorilla Interview) [Part 2]

What separates The Masked Gorilla from about 95% of hip hop blogs out there is that we don't just report hip hop news, we are apart of the very scene we cover. The bi-montly 'Unmasked' feature is an in-depth video-interview series, featuring popular rappers from the TMG Top 50. Check out the latest episode of our exclusive series below. 

Part two of The Masked Gorilla's exclusive interview with Mac Miller, literally, picks up where part one ended. We speak with Mac about major record labels. Also, Mac finally clears the air about why an Atlantic Records employee was sending out his "Donald Trump" single to radio stations a few months ago. Towards the end of the interview Mac says "I can pretty much pick any label I want to and sign to it". Bold words from the new school rapper, but yet most likely a reality. The interview ends with the homie Casey Veggies making a guest appearance.
Written By: DV