UNMASKED: Yelawolf (The Masked Gorilla Interview)

What separates The Masked Gorilla from about 95% of hip hop blogs out there is that we don't just report hip hop news, we are apart of the very scene we cover. The bi-montly 'Unmasked' feature is an in-depth video-interview series, featuring popular rappers from the TMG Top 50.

We recently met up with Shady Records new school signee, Yelawolf, at Interscope Records in New York City. The first thing Yelawolf said to us was, "So, you guys all skate?". From that first interaction on, it was clear where this interview was going. We spoke with Yelawolf about how he started skating, Christopher "Drama" Pfaff (of the Fantasy Factory), and how he met Rob Dyrdek who in turn introduced him to Travis Barker. We also spoke with Yela about the infamous Reda, from TheBerrics.com, and how he met the skateboarding personality at a young age. 

Written By: DV