The Conspiracy Theories Behind Captain Murphy

On July 23rd we posted a new song from producer Flying Lotus, which featured Earl Sweatshirt and a rapper by the name of Captain Murphy. The song was released as part of Adult Swim's promotional 'Single Series,' so at the time we had reason to believe Captain Murphy was just a new rapper who relied heavily on vocal masks to craft his sound. 

Over the span of the next few months, Earl, Tyler and the rest of Odd Future continued to tweet about Captain Murphy, while the mysterious rapper released a handful of new songs. At this point, there is absolutely no information in regards to his real identity. But with a debut project entitled 'Duality' to be released soon, there are a handful of conspiracy theories. Here are the top three: 

Captain Murphy is: Flying Lotus

Theory: The first logical guess is that Captain Murphy is the rap personality of producer Flying Lotus. The name Captain Murphy derives from a character's name in Cartoon Network's animated television series Sealab 2021. Flying Lotus was recruited by the network to help promote Adult Swim through a viral single. To cover his tracks, he first published "Mighty Morphin Foreskin" on YouTube. He then recruited Earl Sweatshirt for the promotional single "Between Friends," while also recording a masked verse of his own. The product was well received on the internet, so he continued the project and mystery by releasing a handful of other songs. 

Captain Murphy isOdd Future

Theory: The next guess is that Captain Murphy isn't a rapper at all, but yet a collective of rappers. When listening to the computer modified vocals, it seems as if multiple rappers are going bar-for-bar within each single verse. Even through the masking, the flows are eerily similar to that of Tyler, The Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, and essentially any other Odd Future member. For years the Odd Future collective self-released songs, music videos and albums before anyone took notice. Due to their eventual success, record labels and scathing critics now, for the most part, prevent this. So as Mac Miller found his outlet through the contrived "Larry Dollaz" alias, it is believed Odd Future uses "Captain Murphy" as the same vehicle of expression.

Captain Murphy isZeroh

Theory: Captain Murphy being either Flying Lotus or Odd Future are the two main logical theories. However past inside-involvement, the third and last theory points to Captain Murphy being a completely different rapper. Out of the handful of names being thrown around, there is one in particular which may be at the root of this entire conspiracy theory. Zeroh is an "indie-rapper," who just by the nature of his style has gone completely unnoticed for years. He does however have connections to Flying Lotus, and even vague friend-of-a-friend connections to Odd Future. However, the real definitive answer to this question seems to lie in the music itself. Some conclude that songs such as "Barkpench" are the exact flows from Captain Murphy songs, sans the computer modification. Zeroh actually addressed this whole situation on Twitter, inadvertently adding fuel to the fire.

As these are all of course just theories at best, the mystery behind Captain Murphy doesn't look like it will be solved anytime soon. You might as well listen to the other Captain Murphy songs in the meantime: 



In this weeks episode of 'Tosh.0,' host Daniel Tosh decided to wear a Captain Murphy t-shirt. When informing the audience what shirt he was wearing, images of Flying Lotus, Tyler, The Creator, and Earl Sweatshirt were displayed in the background. That alone doesn't prove anything, but that fact that this has now reach national television points to a larger names (or names) being the culprits in this new school rap mystery

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  • ichibankan

    I was at the flylo show in ny last week and he said that captain murphy isn’t only him, which means its flylo and other rappers from the la scene.

  • joeybee

    good post is good

  • Anonymous

    Dude Captain Murphy is Odd Future…Between Friends is clearly Earl Sweatshirt and Left Brain

    • faglover12

      cept no way left can flow like that

      • Anonymous

        Nah man niggas sleep on left, he got flow when he wants to

        • faglover12

          i dno man, i got respect for left, beats and verses alike, but he never picks up his shit like murph does on that song. just don’t see it

      • Anonymous

        Nah man niggas sleep on left, he got flow when he wants to

  • Isiah Bullock

    This is deff Tyler!!

  • Isiah Bullock

    This Is Vince Staples an Odd Future Affiliate

  • Dylan Fleming

    I think Captain Murphy is flying lotus rapping

  • Dylan Fleming

    I think Captain Murphy is flying lotus rapping

  • Kevin Hunter

    this is clearly tyler with voice effects.. hes trying to troll us

  • TheOracle

    Captain Murphy is Captain Murphy.

  • newwangfeeder

    I agree that Earl has some sort of influence in the Captain judging from his flow. I could be wrong but it seems like Earl has been sleeping on releasing new shit (perhaps due to the fact that he’s been busy with the Captain Murphy project?).

  • Rafael Jesus Martinez

    There’s a few beats I got that has Lee Bannon’s signature all over them.

  • jonjon

    Stupid clowns he unmasked himself at a show he’s flylo